So, you have decided to craft a new way of being spiritual. Way to go!

Whether you are taking your current one deeper or creating a brand new one for yourself, remember that there are three principles that will apply:

  1. Action
  2. Devotion
  3. Contemplation

The more balanced we are in applying all three of these principles to our spiritual path, the happier and more satisfied we will be with it. Additionally, the balance of the three principles enables the Divine Within to shine more brightly.

Prepare Your Launch Pad

The principle of action is associated with using our body to BE in the God Force. It is about preparing our physical space for the journey within, and connecting with our environment so we are supported. There are unlimited ways BEING in the God Force can be done, however, in the Tree of Life Sanctuary’s Your Path~Your Spiritual Satisfaction program, we start with these:

  • creating sacred space
  • cleansing sacred space
  • invoking spiritual energy
  • practices or rituals
  • basic forms of Yoga
  • connecting with Nature
  • connecting with kindred spirits

Legendary Stories

Over the years, I have heard many stories from Tree of Life Sanctuary’s Your Path~Your Spiritual Satisfaction colleagues about how they prepared their physical space for spiritual practices. I especially appreciate how they proved over and over that simple actions can be powerful. One person preparing to live in a tiny home revisited where she would put her sacred space. Reducing the size ended up concentrating her results. Some needed to make their sacred space more private. In doing so, her family learned more about her spiritual goals. Others asked for ideas from the group on how to manage house pets during meditation times. One discussed ways to incorporate traditional religion into cleansing their sacred space.

One had never heard of the idea of invoking sacred energy into his meditation space. He later shared that when he tried it, while it felt strange at first, he ended up loving it! It made him feel more connected to his Divine self. To most in the group, incorporating a form of yoga into regular practices was not so new. However, what was new to them were the many options of how they could do it, no matter what spiritual path they were exploring.

And the topic of connecting with nature was, at the start, generally taken for granted. However, viewing it through the eyes of a spiritual practice shifted it into a fresh approach for many.

Anchor Your Spiritual Core with Trusted Community

 “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. Loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu[1]

Preparing our environment includes connecting with kindred spirits. Having support from those around us is vital to success. When one colleague shared how they got kindred connection from closed or secret Facebook groups, the “non-Facebook” colleagues had an eye-opening! There was a positive use of Facebook they had not known about. Even still, those Facebook savvy ones found that meeting with people in person nourished an emotional part of themselves that they had not been in touch with.

While each person felt awkward in their new spiritual stretches, all were extremely grateful to have the support of the Your Path~Your Spiritual Satisfaction group as they moved forward! As we covered the topics, they learned where they were stuck and what was behind it. Hearing their fellow colleagues’ stories, they were heartened to know they were not alone in their “stuckness”! They developed not only trust in the group, but also in the coaching process.

As the months rolled by, each of the colleagues found that their spiritual space had become more grounded, and they were more connected outwardly to a support system. This empowered them to more deeply connect to their spiritual core.

Ready, Set, Action!

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you more about each of the Action topics. I invite you to explore them in your own unique way, by yourself or with others. Share with me about how it is going and what blocks you are running into.

I have devoted my life to the uncovering of my Divine self and supporting those who are also seekers of the Divine within. One way I do this is through the Your Path~Your Spiritual Satisfaction group coaching program that I created. It includes a self-assessment on the topics I have discussed in this article.

Please connect with me about your current spiritual satisfaction and what changes you are considering. I LOVE talking with kindred spirits about this topic!  You can use the comment section below, or for more privacy, email me at


Written by Laura Abernathy