Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone, especially spiritual satisfaction. While the work to uncover the Divine Within is primarily done by oneself, we profoundly need others to traverse that path.

When I reflect on who I am today and the high quality of my relationship with my Divine Self, I am keenly aware of the thousands of kindred spirits who have made it possible. The evolution of one Soul cannot happen without the intense efforts of millions beforehand. This is called spiritual interdependency.

“It is in business, as it is in life overall, honoring interdependency is the law of success.”

[1]  Mike Cook

What is a Kindred Spirit? describes kindred spirits as:

“A person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings or features with another; also called kindred soul.”

I like to describe kindred spirits as a person who “gets” you. You likely have at least one in your life. Maybe you have none. I want to inspire you to stretch yourself to not only have one but to make it a habit to have as many as you can handle!


The concept of kindred spirits is based on the principle of spiritual interdependence. Because we are limited to one perspective by our human nature, we need kindred spirits to open our eyes to new spiritual truths and perspectives. For us to be open to another’s ideas, we must trust them. They, in turn, benefit from our trust in them. Add to this that they witness your expansion and feel valued for their contribution to it.

Author Lynne McTaggart, an expert on the science of consciousness, shared in her book The Bond: Connecting through the Space Between Us[2], that humans are born to belong, agree and give. She says that in honoring these human “pulls” and recovering what she calls the “bond”, we can move toward wholeness.

She says, “New discoveries in physics and biology demonstrate that all living things succeed and prosper only when they see themselves as part of a greater whole.” In truth, humans benefit more from interdependence than from independence.

My Kindred Spirits

Just consider who I am today as a certified coach. My life today is full of amazing, compassionate, responsible, curious, and inspired coaches that work with me on the Tree of Life Sanctuary team. I am connected with them all today because of one man, Bruce D Schneider. Bruce is the founder of iPEC. Because of the work he did on himself over forty years ago, he created a coach training school. I was able to tap into his creation as a portal of transformation for myself and my life’s work.

I am a spiritual teacher today because of the man who founded my spiritual school in the early 1970s. Plus, there is the man who told me about that school and helped me link up with it. Since first committing to my spiritual training in 1972, my life has been an embarrassment of riches with people helping me uncover the Divine within myself. I know you too have a similar story in at least one area of your life.

Next:  How you can truly tap into the power of your circle of kindred spirits.

Ready, Set, Action!

As always, I invite you to explore these topics in your own unique way, by yourself or with others. Share with me about how it’s going and what blocks you’re running into. You can use the comment section below, or for more privacy, email me at



[2] Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., 2011, ISBN 978-1-4391-5794-7

Written by Laura Abernathy