Tarot is a 78 page picture book of Life on Earth. We can go through life receiving experiences as a victim, complaining about how unfair life is or how miserable things are in the world – or we can receive life as a conscious observer, choosing what to do with what life hands us. This is truly partnering with God. The better we understand what Life is and how it works on Planet Earth, the more prepared we become to be a Co-Creator with God.

  • Royalty Cards: the Experiencer
  • Minor Cards: the Experiences
  • Trump Cards: the Keys to Conscious Experience (way of the Magus & Mystic)

Royalty Cards

These cards are the 16 personality types of the human being, based upon the four elements.  We can know our predominant element by our astrology natal or birth chart.  The elements are directly tied to the four suits in tarot.

Our first work is to master our dominant element; to move from the princess level of that element to the Knight/King level.  The next work is to do the same with the remaining four elements.  The completion of this work is symbolized in the trump card the Chariot, where the Soul is fully prepared to embark upon their life’s Divine Journey with a high chance for success.

Minor Cards

These cards demonstrate how relationships, Divine Will, ideas and things come into manifestation. The Aces demonstrate the Source of it all and the tens demonstrate the final phase of something before it collapses back into the Source. The remaining cards show the steps in between. There are ten laws that all creations flow through.

Trump Cards

These cards are the keys to living life consciously; a spiritual training of the Soul.  It is the path of the Magus and the Mystic.