Part 3 of a 4-Part Series

When we’ve dismissed our intuition and paid the price, how do we recover from it? How do we forgive ourselves? How can we reconnect with that Divine aspect of self?

Let’s return to the woman whose story I shared last time, who dismissed her intuition. Her recovery from her experience is very inspirational!

You’ll recall that after her move, she was seven weeks without her belongings. Like any of us under stress from a big move, she went through lots of ups and downs. It was an emotionally vulnerable time!

Anger was her first reaction when she learned that the moving company wasn’t going to be delivering her things when originally planned. The anger developed into defiance, resentment, and, of course, blaming the moving company.

A wonderful positive is that she channeled this energy into addressing the problem. However, the next phase of emotions she experienced was from a sense of powerlessness.

Persecution was the theme—this unfair experience shouldn’t be happening to her. She began to worry that her treasured items would be lost forever. Then the big one hit . . . she felt guilty for not listening to her intuition. Her guilt was pretty deep because, as a devoted spiritual person, she highly prized the value of intuition.

You know, it’s completely normal to trip up, even for those of us who have a great connection with our intuition. It’s so easy to be sucked into the demands of life, putting our attention on the urgency in front of us.

What’s so comforting in times like this is knowing that our intuition never dies out. We always have the opportunity to rekindle it. In fact, we need these missteps to rise in consciousness. Without these uncomfortable errors, we’d never be motivated to improve.

I offered my client an idea: what if a person’s connection with their intuition’s actually a relationship—a relationship with their Divine self. Just like with a close friend, the more tested the relationship, the higher the trust.

With this concept, she began to understand that there was an opportunity in her hardship. She could adjust how she viewed her intuition, seeing it as a partner in her life. This made intuition even more relatable for her.

I asked her what she felt her next step was to mend that relationship. She came up with wonderfully insightful, inspiring things to do. One was to talk with her intuition during her next meditation. Another was to do a ceremony in her sacred space to ask for forgiveness from her Divine self. She made a commitment to improve her relationship with her intuition going forward. Most powerful of all, she felt by doing these things, she could open her heart up wide and forgive herself.

This brave woman has anchored clear lessons deep inside her core. The stronger her connection to the knowingness of her Truth, the easier life can be for her.

Being aware of your reactive and dismissive inclination to choose your mind over your intuition is invaluable. Accepting the gift of intuition may be hard, but rejecting it can be disastrous!

Next Time: How do we grow our connection to intuition? How do we uncover its assistance? How can we learn to trust it?

Written by Laura Abernathy