Part 4 of a 4-Part Series

Potent is defined as “having great power, influence, or effect.” Notice it’s also  the root word in “potential.”

Imagine what potent intuition can do for your life! I like to describe the difference between living with so-so intuition, and living with potent intuition, by using a metaphor . . . so-so is like driving a high-end sports car…potent is like being at the helm of a starship!

Remember, my goal is to inspire you to honor intuition the way Albert Einstein did. Let’s amp up our use of this gift so we can create a better, easier world. I want you to assist in lifting up our species from darkness and ignorance, into light and liberation. When you and I do this for ourselves, everyone wins.


Gisele Bündchen describes it this way,

“The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.”

When you experience greater happiness and satisfaction through the use of intuition, you impact those around you. You demonstrate how it works in day-to-day life. Those watching you and I get a-ha’s and think “oh, I see”—and at that moment their consciousness has been elevated.

This vision is achievable. However, each of us first must assess the current state of our relationship with our intuition and then commit to making it awesome.

Some great questions to start your assessment:

  • What’s my belief about intuition?
  • Is my belief a limiting or expanding belief?
  • Where did my belief come from?
  • Have I had negative experiences with intuition in the past?
  • What opinions have I formed about intuition based upon other people’s input?
  • Do I have any resistance to intuition that’s based in fear?

Your answers to these self-explorations will reveal blocks you can work through, one at a time. As you clarify your relationship with your intuition, remember too that it’s a GOOD thing to play with it!  Explore!

How might you grow your connection to it? How would you like to uncover its assistance? In what ways could you frame intuition so it fits into your life right now? Is it a relationship with your higher and Wise Self? Is it help from your future self living in higher consciousness?

Remember, it’s your life and it’s okay to create your own definition of intuition.

Once you’ve defined how you want to view your intuition, create some regular and simple practices to connect with it.

Some tried and true ones are:

  • Pause and be still.
  • Breathe deep.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the present.
  • Tune in.
  • Connect to your senses.
  • Meditate without self-judgment.

Light Watkins, author and meditation teacher, said in a podcast episode that meditation is “turning up the voice” of our intuition, which leads us to our next best step.

Some additional concepts to ruminate on come from Bruce D Schneider’s book, Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams:

“Thinking is like trying to feel with your mind. Know with your Essence instead.”

“I recognized then that the voice had always been there, but I’d been so busy thinking that I hadn’t heard it.”

“ . . . each of us must find our own path to Knowing. Follow whatever path you feel will help you remember the truth.”

Let me leave you with some closing ideas from Living Thelema by David Shoemaker. He refers to intuition as our Holy Guardian Angel (HGA):

“ . . . you will undergo these successive layers of instruction from the HGA. You will get . . . an impulse to pursue a particular line of work, a mode of meditation, or other such tools. You may find that later on, you receive additional instruction that supersedes or completely overturns what was given to you before. That’s the nature of this Work: as you refine your tools of reception, as you get better at tuning that radio dial, and finding that one voice, you will quite naturally cast aside some of the things that you’ve been given earlier. If you persist, you will refine your own tools to enable you to hear and recognize the voice of the Angel clearly, and at exactly the right time.”

How does your intuition speak to you?  How might you develop it and learn to trust it more? Ask. And then listen . . .

“I told you so.” Love, Your Intuition

Written by Laura Abernathy