Group Coaching

Comfy and relaxed group learning and coaching from anywhere.

Group coaching is traditionally offered to make the benefits of coaching affordable for everyone. An even greater bonus of groups is the opportunity to learn from one another, which in turn enhances the coaching experience. It’s similar to a cut diamond. Each person in the group is a facet that brings a unique perspective and brilliance to the light that’s reflected from the diamond.

Currently, the group coaching program available is the Spiritual Satisfaction program. The tools of this program are aimed to balance the body, the heart, and the mind, and align them with Divine Spirit.

Group Coaching might be for you if…

  • You love being with kindred spirits.
  • You enjoy connecting with them virtually.
  • You learn well in groups.
  • You are a loving, caring being that wants to be of service to the Light.
  • You know yourself well, yet you want to take this deeper.
  • You are a courageous, capable and independent Soul, yet you know the genius in you is still untapped.

What you can expect:

  • You decide how to apply your new learning.
  • Everyone in the group supports you in applying the new learning.
  • Successes are celebrated.
  • Blocks and challenges are coached.
  • Everyone moves forward towards their own unique form of enlightenment.
  • Program starts with an orientation session.
  • Our Team Coaches are all professionally trained and certified, working in their unique specialty.

Spiritual Satisfaction Program

The Spiritual Satisfaction program is based on three principles…

ACTION: Use of the body to BE in the God Force.

DEVOTION: Use of the heart to TALK with the God Force.

CONTEMPLATION: Use of the mind to LISTEN to the God Force.

This program is being led by ToLS Team Coach, Lynne Brisdon. Learn all about our amazing and lovely Lynne on the Coaching page.

Price and Payment Options

The Full 21-Month Program Price currently is $1,050*

Payment Options include:
• Monthly Payment ($50)
• Pay in Full (get a 15% discount)
• Three Payments (over 21 months)

*ToLS is a 501(c)3 not for profit School of the Soul. The fee for this program solely supports the coaching and operation costs. 


To Learn More

Watch the virtual February 2019 info gathering to learn more.

Also, visit our Eventbrite page for upcoming Zoom info gatherings!

Video of the Virtual Info Gathering

Learn about our wonderful Spiritual Satisfaction program