Self exploration in a safe and loving environment.

The Tree of Life Sanctuary understands that community connection is vital to soul nourishment. Whether it is in person or virtual, it helps one know that they are not alone in the work of uncovering the Divine Within. Gatherings allow space for mutual support, appreciation, and celebration of individual gifts. Everyone learns and grows from sharing and being exposed to different perspectives, all in a safe and loving environment.

We have regular times that we come together each year, along with other times for special celebrations. This exchange of energy brings renewal for everyone. It opens more space for our own personal growth and contentment with our life. This is in keeping with the ToLS vision of a more joyful, loving, unified planet.

Monthly Gatherings


During the Covid-19 pandemic we are offering virtual Zoom gatherings once a month to support our ToLS community.  These are opportunities to share challenges, hear ideas for solutions, and be inspired by each other’s brilliance.  See our calendar for dates and the links to register.

Learn more about these from recorded past gatherings on our YouTube channel.

Seasonal Gatherings for the Equinoxes and Solstices

(virtual or in-person)

Once we understand and apply the deeper lessons in nature, our lives will reflect more harmony and balance.  This principle is why we offer quarterly gatherings at the start of each season as they occur in the northern hemisphere…

Winter Solstice

While holding the least amount of daylight of the year, winter solstice is actually the time when the light begins to increase. During winter, we prepare for the next, best version of ourselves.

Spring Equinox

ToLS Blossoming Vision Bough

Holding equal daylight to the Fall season, spring equinox is the birthing of this new way of being in our life.  To honor this as a community, we create together the Blossoming Vision Bough.

Summer Solstice

Holding the longest amount of daylight of the year, summer solstice is the point when the light begins to decrease.  It is a period of growing, expanding, nurturing everything we have set in motion for our new way of being.

Fall Equinox

Holding equal daylight to the Spring season, the fall equinox is the time of harvesting what we have been working towards. It is also a time of release to make way for the new, for reflecting on what worked and what didn’t, and how we might change things next year.

Back Again

We return to winter solstice, when we prepare for our new self.  The first step is to let go of what was in the closing year.  We do this symbolically by burning our current Blossoming Vision Bough to release the group’s energy back to Source, the Cosmos, or however each of us describes God.

Messages of the Seasons & Hermetic Cycle of Change

We use our “Messages of the Seasons” and “Hermetic Cycle of Change” handouts at these gatherings to stimulate learning and fellowship.