ToLS is a portal to the adventure of raising consciousness.

Participants in the Tree of Life Sanctuary programs and services rarely describe their experience as a short, powerful fireworks display. They say it is a steady flame, slowly filling their cosmos with light.

This happens through the sincere commitment of our participants to their long term, in depth, Tree of Life Sanctuary coaching and training. Deep transformation happens and spreads from each of them out into the world, as they sing their unique Soul Song.

For those who are seeking more introductory information to determine if what the Tree of Life Sanctuary offers is right for them, we nurture that curiosity with short quick documents, audios and videos.

Since the Tree of Life Sanctuary is a living entity that is always growing, our course offerings are always expanding.

Self-Paced E-Courses in Our Online Spiritual School

Visit our online spiritual school to access our free “Wisdom Gifts”. While you are there, set up your free profile and bookmark it ~ because there’s lots more to come! Free videos and eBooks, all without those annoying ads!

Complimentary Wisdom Gifts:

Online Learning Courses Coming Soon:

  • Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah

  • Introduction to the Thoth Tarot

  • Tarot & the Four Elements

  • Holding Grief with the Tarot

  • Your Year End Life Review

  • Discover Your Personal Mission Statement

Live Learning – on Zoom

Hermetic Qabalah Self-Study (HQSS) Group

Are you frustrated with limiting spiritual belief systems? Are you exploring new ones? You might want to check out Hermetic Qabalah. It is also known as the “Tree of Life”.

What is the Tree of Life?  It can be described as a map for raising consciousness. It incorporates the wisdom of all paths, yet it is NOT a religion.  It is a way to understand yourself and the world, while also connecting you with the Divine Within you.

Are you needing a reliable, trustworthy guide to support you in your journey of exploration?  Would meeting on Zoom fit your life right now?  Would a donation-based fee help you financially in these challenging times? If you answered yes to these questions, here’s your chance to jump into our monthly Hermetic Qabalah Self-Study (HQSS) group!

The Tree of Life Sanctuary’s HQSS group is led by the ToLS founder, Laura Abernathy. It has been meeting since 2016. Because of the pandemic, this group has decided to switch ~ from holding in-person discussions about the Tree of Life ~ to reading and discussing books about Hermetic Qabalah using Zoom.


There is one pre-requirement to join the group – that you download and go through Laura’s Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah online class.  Once you have fulfilled this requirement, you are ready for the next step.


The monthly fee for the Hermetic Qabalah group is a sliding scale fee.

Complimentary Webinar

You are likely super curious, yet still not sure because you have questions.  Of course!  This is why we hold complimentary info webinars to answer them for you.

Laura Abernathy, the Founder and Teacher of the Tree of Life Sanctuary, along with current HQSS group members, are available in our info webinars. At the end of them, if you want to become part of this unique study group, you’ll learn how you can join.

Watch this YouTube webinar about our past book discussion. 

If you believe you already have a foundational understanding of Hermetic Qabalah, please contact us and let us know. You might be able to jump in and join us right now!