Touch into what the Tree of Life Sanctuary offers.

The Tree of Life Sanctuary teaches that sacredness is a description of the holiness of everything. We believe that everything is a reflection of Divine-Within. We practice this in our teaching, coaching and other services through our manner, intention and commitment to our work. We nurture the Divine in humanity by cultivating knowledge, championing uniqueness, and mentoring with love.

The Tree of Life Sanctuary strives to provide its offerings in the most convenient way possible for participants. We make sure to consider everyone’s learning schedule, style, and pace. Also, considered is one’s spending plan, and the ability to participate from anywhere.

Our trusted coaches and practitioners are professionally trained and certified in their specialty. Additionally, they bring a spiritual practice from each of their unique paths. For example, our founder is not only a certified life coach. She is also a Hermetic Qabalah master.

Find Your Path

Courses (live-virtual and self-paced materials)

Come explore topics like spiritual satisfaction, Hermetic Qabalah, discovering your life purpose and mission, doing a year-end life review.

Tarot Readings

Book a tarot reading with our Founder, Laura Abernathy. Discover her philosophy on her readings.

Seeker’s Library

Discover and be amazed with our well matured, esoteric portals of Light.

Coaching (One to One virtual, phone or in-person)

Meet incredible coaches, who perfectly represent the values of the Tree of Life Sanctuary.

Group Coaching – Your Path, Your Spiritual Satisfaction

This coaching program receives rave reviews. Graduates talk about how their whole life has transformed as a result of what they have uncovered within themselves.

Metaphysical Services (virtual or in-person)

Uncovering the Divine Within happens through many methods. In addition to coaching, we encourage readings, consultations, and services based in the unseen forces of life.

Gatherings (virtual or in-person)

Join us for seasonal gatherings for the Equinoxes and Solstices, and other community support events.