Every dollar carries the seed of amazing growth.

Tree of Life Sanctuary is a not for profit, 501(c)3 spiritual organization. All of our services are performed by either volunteers or highly qualified independent contractors. We have the usual operating expenses of all small businesses, such as rent, website administration and insurance, etc. Our offices are small today, however expansion is needed to properly house our library, and host courses for larger groups.

Your financial expression of support is a sacred trust and gift from the Divine. It is a blessing that fulfills practical requirements for the continuance and growth of the Tree of Life Sanctuary. Whatever amount you are inspired to donate will be greatly honored through our service to all of the Souls we serve.

How Your Donation Helps

  • $50 helps pay for costs associated with this website, such as independent contractors and improvements.  It helps us in expanding our physical space for our spiritual library and learning environments. 

  • $20 helps pay for materials used in our gatherings, such as the creation of the Blossoming Vision Bough.  Plus it covers monthly fees for our virtual connections.  

  • $5 helps with everything noted above.  It also shows our community that we are supported and appreciated for our work.

  • Expressions of support over $50 will go towards expanding our courses and online learning system.  This enables us to realize our vision and mission.  

Mission:  Uncover the Divine in spiritual seekers by nurturing self-exploration.

Vision: A joyful, loving, unified planet. 

You can donate through PayPal here…