Looking for a place to fit in and make the world better?

We love to welcome new Tree of Life Sanctuary participants to our team because each one is a gift of greatness that we get to share together! Recognizing the Divine-Within each of us, we remain open so we can learn from each other.

We offer volunteer opportunities to all levels of knowledge and experience, covering many areas of interest. We provide amazing trainings through our membership with Washington Nonprofits!

Current Volunteer Opportunities to Join the ToLS Team

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Paid Opportunities

Independent Contractors (Paid): Coaches, Practitioners (link these to Offerings page), Consultants, Operation Services

ToLS Team Beliefs


We practice kindness as divine charity, and this creates open and loving communication.

While structure is important for inner growth, so is nurturing warmth and food for the soul.


We teach generosity, understanding, curiosity, openness, acceptance, and camaraderie.

This nurtures a warm fellowship, enabling people to sit a spell and be at peace and grow.


We encourage the spiritualization of business in the world today, and love working with these pioneering, inspired entrepreneurs.

Want to know more?

To learn more about these opportunities, send us a note with any questions or comments.