Tree of Life Sanctuary

A School of the Soul

Our Vision:  A joyful, loving, unified planet.

Nothing is static in life but change. The Tree of Life Sanctuary knows how the suffering and division on Earth today can be transformed into a future of joy, love and unity for all. We offer connection with something greater than oneself, the Divine-Within.  This is transformative on every level of humanity – mental, emotional and physical. It offers security in an insecure world. In ways that work for everyone, we can become at ease with change and take the reins of our personal transformation. This shapes division into inclusion, resentment into responsibility and selfishness into compassion. We are co-creators, each of us sewing our unique stitch into the tapestry of an enlightened human species – homo luminous.

Our Mission:  Uncovering the Divine in spiritual seekers by nurturing self-exploration. 

Love is the link that authentically keeps us connected to the Divine. Discovering that the Divine-Within is inside you, and inside all of life, is a breakthrough into joy. The Tree of Life Sanctuary is a spiritual school of the Soul uncovering the Divine within everyone, not a church or religion. In fellowship with others, we raise our self-awareness ~ our consciousness ~ of what we choose to think, feel and do. Because we constantly work to uncover the Divine-Within, visitors to the Tree of Life Sanctuary feel this Soul essence of Love just walking through our door.

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